Talks on Calm & Clarity

An Open, Unforced Samādhi

The Special Samādhi of the Buddhas   “This Samadhi is not practiced by unrighteous people.”   Now, we can concentrate the mind, make it focused in many kinds of ways,

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A Beautiful Day to do Good Deeds

Dear Dhamma friends, The time spent in Sri Lanka has been very pleasant for Bhante thus far. Despite many hardships and challenges due to the ongoing economic crisis, people have

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India Retreats

Dear Dhamma friends, Vassa season is coming to an end. The three month rains retreat is significant in Sri Lanka, where monks remain meditating within a monastery and leave its

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The Escape

  These 5 hindrances, whatever they are, they’re just doing the same thing in the mind––   just doing that rumination,   And at some point, what I say is,

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