Talks on Calm & Clarity

The Practice

   Of course, you can use an object if the feeling gets weak… if it goes away.   If the mind gets distracted a lot, you can use something to

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In a message to our community, Bhante describes receiving dana on a poya day in Sri Lanka:

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Attachments: It’s all in the mind

This short teaching helps set the mind straight regarding attachments. Oftentimes, the simplest explanations are the easiest to digest…     ‘The Smooth & Creamy Discourse on Unshakable Happiness’  

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Dewdrops of Dhamma

Greetings Dhamma friends, For your happy inspiration and contemplation, there are a number of ‘short teachings’ on this website, taken from Bhante Ānanda’s longer lessons. These offer a wide range

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Building Mettā, the Kuti

Building a Kuti This note from Bhante Ānanda regarding the kuti (a small monk dwelling) being built in Sri Lanka— I admit it feels pretty good to be in a

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