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Heartful Selflessness

STUDENT QUESTION: Can this pure giving-heart be a link-breaker within Dependent Origination then? Can one act without clinging (attaching) and

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Viriya Whenever there is seeking wholesome states, and discarding unwholesome ones, and completely understanding mental states, as they arise, with

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The Release From Perceptual Awareness Excerpt: DN 2 Potthapāda The Release from Awareness   [The Buddha]   ‘Up to here

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Wise Friendship

To remember these wonderful, wholesome ways where really true happiness lies. Wonderfully, the Buddha begins with wise friendship, ‘kalyana mittata’

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The Essentials

Buddhist Digital Resource Center, Burmese Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Organizing the Teachings

The body of texts that constitute the Buddha’s discourses, which have miraculously been preserved and passed down for more than 2500 years, is large and extensive. To know where to begin is not always easy. 

The Pāḷi canon was devised in such a way as to favor rigorous study through oral recitation and memorization from the monastic community. Today, we owe our privilege to have access to the Buddha’s words to the incredible devotion of the monks and nuns who, in the past, learned and memorized the teaching. 

But for those who are beginning on the path or for those who are practicing and keen to learn more but do not know where to begin or where to go to find the information most relevant to them, it can be difficult to navigate the maze of the Buddha’s great body of discourses.

In this section, the teachings have been gathered under the umbrella of the most recognized and understood methods that the Buddha used to explain his teaching, mainly, The Eight-Spoked Path and the components of Wholesome Mental Development.

Buddhist Digital Resource Center, Burmese Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Navigating the Teachings

By using the navigation menu to the left, readers will be able to browse through these main topics and hopefully find it a little easier to find their bearing. In each topic, one will find relevant suttas that might be of interest as well as video talks and written teaching.

Dhamma Channel

Below, one can find the YouTube Dhamma Channel where all talks and teachings are uploaded.