Teachings, Books and Sutta Translations from Bhante Ānanda 

at the Heartwood Buddhist Hermitage in Nelson, BC.

This, monks, is the herald,

the very first sign of the rising sun, that is;

— The breaking dawn. 


And this is the herald,

the very first sign of the Awakened ones’ 

eight-spoked path arising, that is;

— Wise friendship.

News from the HeartDhamma Community, Bhante Ānanda and the Heartwood Buddhist Hermitage in Nelson, BC.

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Open Heart Book - A Beginning Guide to Boundless Love Meditation by Bhante Ānanda

Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation.

Bhāvanā - The Buddha's Path to Awakening and Wholesome Mental Development by Bhante Ānanda


The Buddha's Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Pūjā chanting Recital of Dhamma Book by Bhante Ānanda


Recitals of Dhamma

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The Flight of Consciousness

As for consciousness and the self, Many people wonder, “how does a ‘person’ transmigrates from this life to the next.”   Consciousness is composed of many activities and processes that

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Wise Awareness

Gratitude is Awareness

  Gratitude is, in fact,  very close to awareness.   It is one of these states of the heart or the mind, these very wholesome states, where we are acknowledging

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An Open, Unforced Samādhi

The Special Samādhi of the Buddhas   “This Samadhi is not practiced by unrighteous people.”   Now, we can concentrate the mind, make it focused in many kinds of ways,

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The Escape

  These 5 hindrances, whatever they are, they’re just doing the same thing in the mind––   just doing that rumination,   And at some point, what I say is,

Mental Development

Life and Practice in Harmony

And the 5th is: “I am aware while entering it, and aware when emerging from it.” So, this whole process is just very mindful. There is no place where there

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Seeing Hindrances

            And we continue letting go. And whatever arises, whatever arises, it is just a hindrance.   Even you thinking: “I can’t do it” Hindrance.