Teachings, Books and Sutta Translations from Bhante Ānanda 

at the Heartwood Buddhist Hermitage in Nelson, BC.

Imagine a mighty conch blower, who could effortlessly

let his sound be known to the four directions.


In the same way, when the release of mind by Boundless Love is developed and cultivate, any previous selfish actions cannot remain, they cannot stay.

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Open Heart Book - A Beginning Guide to Boundless Love Meditation by Bhante Ānanda

Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation.

Bhāvanā - The Buddha's Path to Awakening and Wholesome Mental Development by Bhante Ānanda


The Buddha's Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Pūjā chanting Recital of Dhamma Book by Bhante Ānanda


Recitals of Dhamma

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