Gratitude is Awareness

Gratitude is, in fact,

 very close to awareness.


It is one of these states of the heart

or the mind,

these very wholesome states,

where we are acknowledging

what has been done to help us,

and what we have.


 It can be a very powerful tool to help us

by cultivating and developing it by perhaps,

breaking through a lot of blockages

and breakthrough a lot of unwholesome

mental perspectives,

and work with the mind

to shape it in a different way.

So, it sees reality

in a very grateful,


and uplifted way.


By so doing,

we are becoming more aware.


Gratitude is intertwined

with what we call mindfulness,

or awareness.


There has to be space,

–enough spaciousness

in our mind and heart

to feel gratitude.


And that spaciousness

is awareness


It is being able to

move away from


‘me, mine, I’




‘thank you’ 


This means Wise Practice.

This includes Wise Practice,

The result, is more awareness.


We are letting go of

whatever we want to do:

––all these things

we might have in our mind

and in our heart,

that we are projecting or,

‘I want to do this

I want to do that’––


…to contentment


Contentment is a fairly important

aspect of the path,

“Nekkhamma”or “santosa” in Pali



is also bound with awareness,


the content, appreciative mind

is simply present.


It is happy here and now.

This is a very wonderful thing.


So, gratitude really helps us.