Teachings, Books and Sutta Translations from Bhante Ānanda 

at the HeartDhamma Buddhist Hermitage in Nelson, BC.

“There are four kinds of lights, monks. 


The light of the moon,

The light of the sun,

The light of fire,

and the light of wisdom.

View from alms round on the Hermitage's location in the center, between the powerlines and the river.

View from alms round on the Hermitage’s location in the center, between the powerlines and the river.

News from the HeartDhamma Community and Buddhist Hermitage based in Nelson, BC.

Open Heart Book - A Beginning Guide to Boundless Love Meditation by Bhante Ānanda

Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation.

Bhāvanā - The Buddha's Path to Awakening and Wholesome Mental Development by Bhante Ānanda


The Buddha's Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Pūjā chanting Recital of Dhamma Book by Bhante Ānanda


Recitals of Dhamma

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Dhamma bits, on-the-go.

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Boundless Love

Aniccasañña – Unabiding Mind

It would be much more valuable to cultivate, for the time of a finger snap , An unabiding mind. And this is Aniccasaññā, impermanence.

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Drinking Deep the Bliss of Stillness

[Theragatha 1.1] My hut is roofed, comfortable,          free of drafts; my mind, well-centered,          set free. I remain ardent.          So, rain-deva.          Go ahead & rain. [Forwarding to…]

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Anthems to Solitude

[Theragatha 1.13] The color of blue-dark clouds,   glistening, cooled with the waters of clear-flowing streams covered with ladybugs:      those rocky crags      refresh me. So this

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Wise Intention

Pleasant Progress with Quick Comprehension

Reading: “This is the unsurpassed teaching in regards to the modes of progress.” Why am I saying this? Well, it is your choice. You can take the highway or the

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Letting Go

The Four Qualities of Release

Reading: “Here monks,  (1) One develops the awakening support of awareness,  filled with Love; Supported by letting go, Calming down,  Release, Culminating in surrender.” SN V 46.54 Filled with Love