Teachings, Books and Sutta Translations from Bhante Ānanda 

at the HeartDhamma Buddhist Hermitage in Nelson, BC.

“There are four kinds of lights, monks. 


The light of the moon,

The light of the sun,

The light of fire,

and the light of wisdom.

View from alms round on the Hermitage's location in the center, between the powerlines and the river.

View from alms round on the Hermitage’s location in the center, between the powerlines and the river.

Open Heart Book - A Beginning Guide to Boundless Love Meditation by Bhante Ānanda

Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation.

Bhāvanā - The Buddha's Path to Awakening and Wholesome Mental Development by Bhante Ānanda


The Buddha's Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Pūjā chanting Recital of Dhamma Book by Bhante Ānanda


Recitals of Dhamma

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Sharing Merits

Puññanumodanā-Pattidāna Rejoicing and Sharing of Merits Dukkha-ppattā ca, niddukkhā May suffering ones be suffering free. Bhaya-ppattā ca, nibbhayā And the fear-struck fearless be.   Soka-ppattā ca, nissokā May the grieving

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The Direction the Wheel Turns

“Practicing the Jhāna to that depth, seeing Nirodha, entering Nirodha, you have to understand Dependent Origination at its core, but also know the wheel of Dhamma, and which direction that

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Transience and Letting go

“Or perhaps, one might notice, forms or shapes, or lights and colours, forms, Rūpa. The first fabric of the ego. One of the five constituents that we call ‘ourselves’: Form

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Listening to the Dhamma

Aspiration Chant Sabbe sattā, sabbe pāṇā, sabbe bhūtā, May all beings, all those who breath, all who are living, sabbe puggalā, sabbe attabhāvapariyāpannā, all people, all who have taken up

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Boundless Love

Khp 7 Metta Sutta – Chanting

Metta Sutta Khp 9 Discourse on Boundless Love   1. Karaṇīyam-attha-kusalena, This should be displayed by one skilled in goodness, Yanta santaṃ padaṃ abhisamecca; One who walks at peace and

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Mental Development

Dhamma means Truth

“This is the famous Kālāmā Sutta, Also known as Kesamutti Sutta. AN III 65 Kālāmās: Know for Yourselves – HeartDhamma The ‘Discourse of the Buddha to the Kālāmās’, And this