The Escape

These 5 hindrances,

whatever they are,

they’re just doing

the same thing in the mind––


      just doing that rumination,


And at some point,

what I say is,

usually that you get tired of that,

you get weary of those.

At some point you notice them,

and you understand

that’s you––


you are taking that personal.

 You are engaging with it.

And it is sneaky, because

you think you are not!

It is so ingrained.


But you just have to have trust.

And remember,

the mind goes deeper…


And it will come,

it has to,

it will.


And that faith:

“Yes, I remember”.


Then, at some point,

there will be strong awareness enough

that the awareness will buoy up

above these hindrances. 

It will be like:

“Oh, you guys, I’m tired.

I’m tired of you…”