Life and Practice in Harmony

And the 5th is:

“I am aware while entering it,

and aware when emerging from it.”


So, this whole process is just very mindful.

There is no place where there is a steep cut off,

where you just dive

into something that is way [different].


No, this whole process is all present–

all very mindful.


It is not particularly extreme.

There is a whole path,

yes, with many steps,

but it’s a very mindful thing.


And when you enter,

when you start

that more dedicated practice sitting,

and when you stop,

there’s no major break.


The transition between

your living-life and the meditation

is very harmonious.


For me, for example, there was a time

when I was practicing something…

and one thing that really struck me

was that I would do a 10-day retreat

and I would be very focused

but then I would be serving for three days,

and it would be all gone.


“Whoa!? Okay, I just want to do another 10 days!”


But, what is going to happen after this one?

Am I just going to lose it right after again,

like, two days after, or three days after?


But, this practice is different.

This practice is about wholesome mental development.

It is about personality change.

It’s about personality development.


The meditation

and living-life,

more and more,

there’s not a very clear cut

difference between them.


Well, of course, you want to sit!

Sit!  😀

You need to sit! 


But… it’s much more harmonious and integrated,

and you can really find yourself blissing out,

while you’re cooking even,



You can maintain that kind of Samdhi

very easily if you maintain the love, for example,

which is very universal.


You just have to make a bit of an effort, yes.


“Yes, I will make an effort to stay with that.”


And see what happens, whatever you do.

Things might be a little bit slower,

but everything will be very much aware.


The mind will remain collected.


And that’s why we say mett is also a practice

that is not just a sitting practice,

but it’s an all the time thing.


We want to try to find any kind of reason

to bring that up. Anything!

Pick it, it works!  😊


So, this is the special Samdhi of the Buddhas.