Whenever there is a distraction,

wherever there is anything arising in the mind,

even if it is anger,

or worry,

or restlessness–



Notice these states always come with tension,

with friction.

They come with discomfort.



And as we learn to see this,

with our ever-deepening awareness,

we simply let it go

and release deeper and deeper,

and replace that tension

by a smile,

by love.






Even if you don’t believe in it,

even if you don’t believe in the smile,

even if it feels fake,

doesn’t matter,

just keep smiling,

you’ll see.



If the mind comes up with all kinds of criticism,

comments about how fake it is,

just laugh at it.

Mind is crazy.


Is that kind of mind for your own good?



Criticizing being happy?

What kind of crazy mind is that?!


Just let it go.





Every time the mind gets critical,

and cynical,

and skeptical–

just laugh at it.


See what that does…




Pītibhakkhā bhavissāma,

Feeders on joy we shall be,


Devā Ābhassarā yathā.

like the Devas of streaming radiance.