The Practice


 Of course, you can use an object

if the feeling gets weak…

if it goes away.


If the mind gets distracted a lot,

you can use something to uplift the mind–


remembering someone that you love,

perhaps a small animal,

or perhaps, a good memory,

somewhere in nature that you’ve been that you really love,

you feel love for all of life,


any of these things you can use to help you.


And whenever the mind gets distracted,

noticing the tension


–and that is wisdom–

noticing the tension that arises

with the wanderings of the mind.


Sharpening our faculty of wisdom.

And as soon as we see this,

to let it go, relax,

to ease, soothe the mind,

to come back to love,

with a smile.


This is wise practice.


And to maintain the feeling of love,

and the smile,

as long as we can.


When the mind wanders,

no need to judge,

no need to have an opinion about it.

It doesn’t matter.

The mind just wanders.


Simply let go,


and love again.