A Beautiful Day to do Good Deeds

Dear Dhamma friends, The time spent in Sri Lanka has been very pleasant for Bhante thus far. Despite many hardships and challenges due to the ongoing economic crisis, people have […]

Life is as such…

https://youtu.be/SbmqZhhZKvw A video made by lay devotees, from shots of Bhante Ānanda walking to his forest kuti in Sri Lanka. First published on TikTok by unknown upasakas. ජීචිතේ කියන්නෙ Jīvitē […]

Pilgrimage to Sri Pāda

Here is a message from Bhante to our community on the Sangha’s visit to Sri pāda : “We went  for pilgrimage, to Sri Pāda, sacred mountain of Sri Lanka, a few weeks […]


In a message to our community, Bhante describes receiving dana on a poya day in Sri Lanka:

Building Mettā, the Kuti

Building a Kuti This note from Bhante Ānanda regarding the kuti (a small monk dwelling) being built in Sri Lanka— I admit it feels pretty good to be in a […]

Forest Life in Sri Lanka

Dear Dhamma friends 🌼 I hope this message finds you well, adjusting to winter, and fluctuating Covid conditions.As an update on our little Dhamma community, Bhante Ānanda remains in Sri […]

Kataññutā – Gratefulness

Meal Offering to Bhante Ānanda Kootenay Tamil Kitchen Ciraj Premanantham

Here at the Heart Dhamma Hermitage, we are so grateful to all those who have generously participated in the meal dana opportunity through the website. Thanks also to the Kootenay Tamil […]

Lunar Observance Pūjā

Lunar Observance Teepee Meditation Hall at the HeartDhamma Hermitage in Nelson, BC

Namo Buddhaya 🙏🏻 As you may already know, the Buddhist monastic calendar is based on the lunar cycles. Every full moon and new moon, monks and nuns of the same […]

Practicing Generosity

Bhante Ānanda Walking Almsround Blewett Kootenay Lake

Buddhist Monk going for Almsround in Blewett If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel in Thailand, Myanmar or Sri Lanka, you may have noticed Theravada Buddhist monks and nuns […]