Building Mettā, the Kuti

Building a Kuti

This note from Bhante Ānanda regarding the kuti (a small monk dwelling) being built in Sri Lanka

I admit it feels pretty good to be in a somewhat closed space after more than a month in the open, in the jungle. 😊

I am happy to have walls around me again, and to know that no snakes can crawl directly on me, or tarantulas (I had two so far), or scorpions (only one). Not to mention the regular visit of elephants.


It will be a very beautiful kuti indeed. 

It may be called “Mettā”  😊

With tall windows in the four directions…

It is an inspiring meditation, to be in here. 

Like a small and simple house. 

Definitely a “feel good” kind of place.  😊

The boards are not yet treated. 

The outsides are still rough. 

Inside the kuti is sanded. 

To answer your question,

The metal bowls [below posts] are for ant protection. 

This is a very prominent challenge here. 

Anything that touches the kuti serves as an ant highway. 

The inside of the bowls is smeared with an ayurvedic kind of rub a535. 

They don’t like it. 

It’s a local trick.


Much mettā 🦚

Many wise merits to those who are supporting this very noble gift to the sangha, from Canada to Australia and also Sri Lanka. Bohoma ping! Many hours of meditation and contemplation on the Buddha’s teaching will now be possible here, in this auspicious solitary mountain forest dwelling by the sangha. May these merits be shared amongst all sentient beings, may this great big earth be at peace.