Pilgrimage to Sri Pāda

Here is a message from Bhante to our community on the Sangha’s visit to Sri pāda :

We went  for pilgrimage, to Sri Pāda, sacred mountain of Sri Lanka, a few weeks ago. About 15 monks from Teanna came along.
A bus was organized to pick us up at 4 am.
A 5 hour and very scenic, mountain side drive across some of Sri Lanka’s tea country brought us at the base of Adam’s peak, where the Buddha is said to have set foot on his last visit to the country, where we began the climb up.
We came back this morning at 3:30 am. Here are a few pictures of our journey. In many ways, we were blessed by this quite auspicious travel.


“May our little Dhamma community grow strong, healthy, and deep roots in Dhamma, for this tree to grow, naturally, healthy.

May this precious Teaching of our Buddha take root in Canada and western society. May many more experience the bliss of Nibbāna. While preserving the Buddha’s way of life, through the four pillars of the sangha, for future generations, as he originally intended.

Open are the doors to the deathless. 
Let those who understand,
Practice what should be practiced,
And seize their opportunity.

May you all be happy and at ease.”