Bhante Ānanda Departs for Sri Lanka.

Bhante Ānanda Smallwood Trail Walking Nelson BC

Dear Dhamma community,

‘Impermanence’ (anicca), is apparent year-round in the seasons (everything changing, changing..)
but somehow fall-time makes this lesson particularly obvious and poignant. 🍂
At the Hermitage, change is certainly occurring!
Bhante Ānanda departs soon for Sri Lanka. 
There, he will continue his practice for 5 months, returning to BC next year in early May.
Therefore, we will host two more ‘Observance Days’ (Uposatha) for the season, on Thursday, November 11th and Friday, November 19th. Among other things, this involves an evening group meditation from 8–10 pm. Please send an email in advance if you plan to attend, so we can plan accordingly.
Sunday Talks and Gathering Hermitage Nelson BC
Sunday Talks and Gathering HeartDhamma Hermitage Nelson BC
On Sunday, November 14th we will host this season’s final in-person, outdoor Dhamma talk from 12–2pm. For those wishing to offer food dana, this happens at 11:00am.
We hope you can join us for these last-of-the-season offerings. 🙏🏼
As possible, new Dhamma talks will be posted to the HeartDhamma YouTube Channel through the winter months.
With mettā,