SN 2.2 To Kassapa on Being a Meditator

Dutiyakassapa Sutta


In Sāvatthi.


Standing to the side,

The young Deva Kassapa

Spoke to the Awakened One in verses:



“A monk should be a meditator, liberated in mind,

Longing to be perfect in heart,

Who has understood the fleeting nature of the world,

Elevated in mind and independent as a reward.”[1]



[1] “Bhikkhu siyā jhāyī vimuttacitto, Ākaṅkhe ce hadayassānupattiṃ; Lokassa ñatvā udayabbayañca, Sucetaso anissito tadānisaṃso”ti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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