SN 2.1 To Kassapa on Calming the Mind

Paṭhamakassapa Sutta


Thus I have heard,

Once, the Awakened One was living at Sāvatthi,

In Jeta’s Grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery.


Then a young Deva

When the night was far spent

Illuminated the entirety of the grove with his effulgent beauty

Went to the bhagavan, paid loving respects,

Stood to the side and asked:



“The bhagavan has explained [what is a] monk but not the instruction to a monk.” [1]


[The Buddha]

“That being so Kassapa, say what is on your mind.”[2]





“They should train in what is well spoken,

Attending the life of wanderers,

Meditating alone, in solitude,

And calming one’s mind.” [3]



This is what the young deva said

The teacher approved.


Then, that young deva thought

‘The teacher approved.’

Paid loving homage and left, vanishing there and then.



[1] “bhikkhuṃ bhagavā pakāsesi, no ca bhikkhuno anusāsan”ti.

[2] “Tena hi, kassapa, taññevettha paṭibhātū”ti.

[3] “Subhāsitassa sikkhetha, samaṇūpāsanassa  ca; Ekāsanassa ca raho, cittavūpasamassa cā”ti.


This is a gift of Dhamma

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