SN 2.11 Candimasa on Jhāna

Candimasa Sutta


In Sāvatthi.


Then Candimasa the young Deva

When the night was far spent,

Illuminating the entirety of the grove

With effulgent beauty,

Went to the Awakened One, paid loving respects,

Stood to the side, and addressed the him in verses:




“They are headed for safety

Like deer in a marsh without mosquitos

Who, uplifted by the jhānas

Are unified, wise and present.”[1]


[The Buddha]


“They are headed beyond,

Like fish when the net is torn,

Who, uplifted by the jhānas

Are careful, discarding impurities.”[2]


[1] “Te hi sotthiṃ gamissanti, kacchevāmakase magā; Jhānāni upasampajja, ekodi nipakā satā”ti.

[2] “Te hi pāraṃ gamissanti, chetvā jālaṃva ambujo; Jhānāni upasampajja, appamattā raṇañjahā”ti.


This is a gift of Dhamma

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