SN 1.23 The Tangle 

“Tangled within and tangled without,

Mankind is a tangled mess,

This I ask you, Gotama,

Who can unravel this tangle?”


“One well established in virtue

And discerning,

Who develops their mind and discernment,

An intent and clever seeker

That person can unravel the tangle.


Those for who infatuation and anger,

And blindness has been cleansed,

The worthy ones,

whose distractions are ended,

They can unravel the tangle.


Where mind and also matter,

is completely discontinued,

So as the experience of physical contact,

This is where the tangle is severed.”[1]


[1] Yattha nāmañca rūpañca, Asesa uparujjhati; Paigha rūpasaññā ca, etthesā chijjate jaā”ti. 


This is a gift of Dhamma

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