SN 1.1 Crossing the Flood

Oghataraṇa Sutta


Thus I have heard,

Once the Awakened One was living at Sāvatthi,

In Jeta’s grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery.


Then a certain devatā,

When the night was far spent,

Shining her effulgent beauty on the entire grove,

Went to the Awakened One,

Paid loving respects, stood to the side and asked:



“How did you, sir, cross over the flood?” [1]


[The Buddha]

“Without resting friend,

And without rushing,

I crossed the flood.” [2]




“But just how did you sir,

Without resting nor rushing,

Made it through the flood?”


[The Buddha]

“Whenever, friend, I came to a stand still, 

There, I sunk.[3]

Whenever, friend, I rushed forward, 

There, I got swept away”.[4]


“This is how friend, 

I made it through the flood,

Without resting nor rushing.”



‘Long has passed ‘fore I could see,

A Truth-seeker alas, completely freed,

Who, not resting and not rushing,

Has made it through the world, unlatching.’[5]


This is what she said.

The teacher approved.


Then that devatā thinking:

“The teacher has acknowledged me,”

Paid loving respects and left, 

And vanished there and then.


[1] “kathaṃ nu tvaṃ, mārisa, oghamatarī”ti?

[2] “Appatiṭṭhaṃ khvāhaṃ, āvuso, anāyūhaṃ oghamatarin”ti.

[3] “Yadāsvāhaṃ, āvuso, santiṭṭhāmi tadāssu saṃsīdāmi;  

[4] yadāsvāhaṃ, āvuso, āyūhāmi tadāssu nibbuyhāmi.  

[5] “Cirassaṃ vata passāmi, Brāhmaṇaṃ parinibbutaṃ; Appatiṭṭhaṃ anāyūhaṃ, tiṇṇaṃ loke visattikan”ti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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