Kataññutā – Gratefulness

Here at the Heart Dhamma Hermitage, we are so grateful to all those who have generously participated in the meal dana opportunity through the website. Thanks also to the Kootenay Tamil Kitchen owner, Ciraj, who cooks and delivers wholesome food to Bhante. To all those far and near who support our little community, please accept this sincere sharing of merits recording, and also this small written blessing from Bhante:

Idaṃ te puññaṃ āsavākkhayavahaṃ hotu
May your merits bring about the stilling of the flood.
Idaṃ te puññaṃ nibbānassa paccayo hotu
May your merits be a support for Nibbana.
Sukhino va khemino hontu
May all beings be well and secure.
Sabba satta bhavantu sukhitatta.
May all be happy within.

Puññānumodanā – Rejoicing in Good Deeds

We are rejoicing in these peoples’ bright actions

And sharing merits with them:

Ciraj and his family,

Koen and Khin and her group, Hiran, Yureshini and Myn, Lyse, Mar Mar, Sarah, Chris, John, Brigitte, and all others who participated.


May all of you be well, happy and protected for a long time.


Giving food is giving life,

By supporting this,

you are taking part in all the Dhamma that has been done,

that is being done,

and that will be done in the future,


From offering these sutta translations, for free, to all,  to the teachings and retreats, and much more

All of it is made possible through the support you have provided,

may you rejoice in your bright actions for a long time. 🙂

Interested in Offering?

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Generosity (Dāna)

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Iti 1.22 Deeds of Goodness

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