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A local restaurant, Kootenay Tamil Kitchen has kindly offered the opportunity to offer meals to Bhante Ānanda. With a monk eating a single meal a day, this is quite an important meal.


You have the opportunity to donate a meal for 50 CAD, which includes the preparation using fresh ingredients and the delivery to the hermitage.


You can make a donation using Paypal 

or e-transfer/interac to: 

Bhante Ānanda on Almsround Fairview, Nelson, BC, Indian Sri Lankan Buddhist Upasika Yureshini Offering

In Person

As the Buddha said, the best way to offer is to give from our own hand, something we have prepared ourselves. 

Anyone can offer directly at the hermitage.

Donors can either give once or pick a recurring day of the week. Because the tradition of monks walking around for alms in the western society is for the most part unknown and, for monks, the likelihood of being fed is at best very uncertain, experience has shown that one of the best ways to offer in this context, is to pick a day of the week or to contact us to arrange an offering. 

Offering Schedule


Almsround in Blewett – Vindusky Road


Online Dāna – Kootenay Tamil Kitchen 


Paul offers at the Hermitage


Almsround on Baker Street

& Kootenay Coop


Almsround at Simply Siam – Tee



@ Cottonwood Falls Farmer’s Market


Community Saṅgha Dāna at the Hermitage

For more information:

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