The Essentials – New Short Teachings

Happily launching a new series of short, punchy teachings which will be called “The Essentials”.

We have received a lot of requests about making shorter clips of teachings which are easier to digest and treat on one topic only, for ease of learning and effective referencing. 😉

So here we are. 🙂
The first topic:
The Seven supports to Awakening

‘I’ in the World Workshop

Morning Guide Meditationsby Bhante Ānanda Day 1: Grounding Meditation Welcoming the Mind into the Body Day 2: Loving-Kindness and the […]

The Practice

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 Of course, you can use an object if the feeling gets weak… if it goes away.   If the mind […]

Pilgrimage to Sri Pāda

Here is a message from Bhante to our community on the Sangha’s visit to Sri pāda : “We went  for pilgrimage, to […]


In a message to our community, Bhante describes receiving dana on a poya day in Sri Lanka:

Attachments: It’s all in the mind

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This short teaching helps set the mind straight regarding attachments. Oftentimes, the simplest explanations are the easiest to digest…   […]

Dewdrops of Dhamma

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Greetings Dhamma friends, For your happy inspiration and contemplation, there are a number of ‘short teachings’ on this website, taken […]

Opening Our Hearts

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Maybe we just start by opening our hearts… just a little five minutes. And just let go of everything, everything […]

Viveka as Letting Go

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Here it is quite explicit, where the Buddha is going. Because… this is not ant kind of awareness, this is […]