The Creation of Consciousness

"This is two main aspects of dependent origination...

How it works...

how consciousness arises:

(1) from previous activities and conditioned activities of the mind,

(2) and also, how it arises even more throughout the senses,

throughout sensory contact.


Which both are true.

So I guess I was saying all of this to you to say,

both are true.

Both are accurate.

And they actually overlap each other,

they are not really dissociated.


I think, actually, it is quite helpful to know both,

to know this process of sensory engagement

and how it creates consciousness, and on this–

because if that didn’t happen we couldn’t judge it,

there wouldn’t be a “I like, or I don’t like”

so this is quite important.

And also, this “I like / I don’t like” gets stored

into Sankhāras, and these are also creating consciousness.

So this is also creating that.

We could talk about that for a long time. 😊



Okay, so lack of discernment to stillness.


Okay, so now the other way around,

and now I’m not going to talk as much…

because it’s good also to just hear it,

it does something profound.



SN II 12.23 Causes for Liberation


In this way, monks,

because of lack of discernment,

there arise mental activities…




…they fill the great ocean,

in the same way, monks,

lack of discernment produces mental activity.