Thag 2.46 Cūlaka – Jhāna Happiness

Peacocks cry out their otherworldly sound,

         with their fair crest and beautiful wings,

How magnificent is their shimmering blue neck,

         gracious features,

         lovely call,

         and their dreamlike lament,


This great earth,

is so lushly pervaded with amazing misty clouds.


One skilled in the Beautiful state meditates happily,

Happy without desires,

          one fulfills the good Teaching of the Buddha, 1

One reaches that bright clarity,

          so subtle and hard to see,


That state which is beyond death. 2



1 Sukallarūpo sumanassa jhāyataṁ, Sunikkamo sādhu subuddhasāsane;

2 Susukkasukkaṁ nipuṇaṁ sududdasaṁ, Phusāhi taṁ uttamamaccutaṁ padan”ti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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