Thag 2.45 Visākhapañcālaputta – Visākha’s Son – Easing into Nibbāna

“Not excluding others

             nor dragging anyone around [in speech],

Not raising one’s voice while speaking to others,

Not speaking praise of oneself in gatherings,


           The pious is not boastful but measured in speech.


For such a person who sees the goal,

           ever so subtle and refined, 1

Skilled in wisdom,

practiced in humbleness,

Who associates with those advanced in the path,

          Nibbāna is not hard to reach. 2



1 Susukhumanipuṇatthadassinā

2 Saṁsevitavuddhasīlinā, Nibbānaṁ na hi tena dullabhan”ti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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