SN 9.11 Unwholesome Thoughts

Akusalavitakka Sutta



A monk was living in some remote forest grove of Kosala.


He was spending his days going about,

Thinking unbeneficial, unwholesome thoughts:[1]


Thoughts of selfish desires,

Thoughts of dislike

And restless thoughts. [2]


That forest grove was also inhabited by a devatā.

Desiring the welfare of that monk, out of compassion,

With the intention of stirring him[3]

She approached and spoke to him these verses:



“Careless in mind,

You are devoured by your thoughts;

Break the dependence on careless ruts,

Uplift your mind with loving thoughts. [4]



Remember the Teacher, the Dhamma

The Saṅgha and your own virtue, [5]

Gladness will arise and so will you

Be joyful, happy; unconfused too; [6]

With that gladness made your fill,

Make an end of tension, you will.” [7]



Because of that devatā,

the monk was moved to practice earnestly.[8]




[1] pāpake akusale vitakke vitakketi, seyyathidaṃ—

[2] kāmavitakkaṃ, byāpādavitakkaṃ, vihiṃsāvitakkaṃ.

[3] saṃvejetukāmā

[4] “Ayoniso manasikārā, so vitakkehi khajjasi; Ayoniso paṭinissajja, yoniso anucintaya.

[5] Satthāraṃ dhammamārabbha, saṅghaṃ sīlāni attano;

[6] Adhigacchasi pāmojjaṃ, pītisukhamasaṃsayaṃ;

[7] Tato pāmojjabahulo, dukkhassantaṃ karissasī”ti.

[8] Atha kho so bhikkhu tāya devatāya saṃvejito saṃvegamāpādīti.


This is a gift of Dhamma

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