Iti 4.107 Mutual Benefit

Bahukāra Sutta


So said the Awakened One,

            the Arahant, as I heard it:


“Brahmins and householders do a lot for you monks.

They present you with the requisites of


alms food,


and medicines.


And you, monks, do a lot for Brahmins and householders,

by teaching them the Dhamma which is

beautiful in the beginning,

beautiful in the middle

and beautiful in its ending, [1]

in the meaning

and the phrasing.


And by illustrating the spiritual life

which is completely undertaken and purified. [2]


This is how, monks, this spiritual life is lived,

by mutual support,

For the purpose of crossing the flood

and make a complete end of trouble. [3]


This is what the Awakened One said.

Then he explained further:


“With or without a house,

Both are a support for each other;

They accomplish the true Dhamma

The unsurpassed freedom from slavery.


Those with houses,

support with robes

and lodgings too;

The homeless ones accept

to alleviate physical hardships.


And relying on the happy ones,

House dwellers who delight in family life,

Place confidence in the worthy ones,

Endowed with the wisdom of the Awakened,

those who meditate. [4]


By living this Dhamma here,

the path that leads to happiness

They delight in the Deva planes,

Enjoying pleasure upon pleasure.”



This is what the Awakened One said, as I heard it.


[1] Tumhepi, bhikkhave, bahukārā brāhmaṇagahapatikānaṁ yaṁ nesaṁ dhammaṁ desetha ādikalyāṇaṁ majjhekalyāṇaṁ pariyosānakalyāṇaṁ

[2] sātthaṁ sabyañjanaṁ, kevalaparipuṇṇaṁ parisuddhaṁ brahmacariyaṁ pakāsetha. 

[3] Evamidaṁ, bhikkhave, aññamaññaṁ nissāya brahmacariyaṁ vussati oghassa nittharaṇatthāya sammā dukkhassa antakiriyāyā”ti.

[4] Sugataṁ pana nissāya, gahaṭṭhā gharamesino; Saddahānā arahataṁ, ariyapaññāya jhāyino.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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