AN 7.45 The Requisites of Meditation

Samādhiparikkhāra Sutta



There seven things that make up [1] meditation.


What seven?


(1) Wise Understanding

(2) Wise Attitude

(3) Wise Speech

(4) Wise Action

(5) Wise Living

(6) Wise Practice

(7) And Wise Presence.



Tranquility of mind

Made-up [2] of these seven supports;


This is called Ariyan Wise meditation

With its causes [3] and conditions.




[1] “Sattime, bhikkhave, samādhiparikkhārā. 

[2] Parikkhata2 [pp. of *parikkharoti; cp. Sk. pariṣkṛta] made up, prepared, endowed with, equipped, adorned.

[3] Upanisā 



This is a gift of Dhamma

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