AN 7.34 Accepting Instructions (1)

Paṭhama Sovacassatā Sutta



“During the night, bhikkhus,

Some Devatā of exceeding beauty, 

At the waning of the night

Illuminating the whole of Jeta’s grove 

With her radiance,

Came to the me, 

Paid loving homage,

And stood to the side. 


Then she said to the me:

[The Devatā]

“Bhante, there are seven things

That lead a monk to growth.”


What seven?


(1) One has respect for the Teacher,

(2) One has respect for the Dhamma,

(3) One has respect for the Saṅgha,

(4) One has respect for the training,

(5) One has respect for mental composure,

(6) One easily accepts instructions,

(7) One has virtuous friends. [1]


“Bhante, these are the seven things

That lead a monk to growth.”


This is what she said.



After declaring this, she paid homage

And disappeared right there.


One who esteems the Teacher and esteems the Dhamma,

Who sincerely esteems the saṅgha too,

Who is wide awake, and esteems Samādhi,

And who sincerely esteems the Training.


Having virtuous friends, being easily spoken to,

Respectful and reverential,

That person is incapable of falling away,

And is in the presence of Nibbāna.



[1] Satthugāravatā, dhammagāravatā, saṅghagāravatā, sikkhāgāravatā, samādhigāravatā, sovacassatā, kalyāṇamittatā.



This is a gift of Dhamma

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