Wise Friendship

To remember these wonderful,

wholesome ways

where really true happiness lies.


the Buddha begins

with wise friendship,

‘kalyana mittata’

which is very important on the path,

which he stresses quite often.

Paying attention to who

we are surrounding ourselves with–

not creating divisions

between the people–

but knowing

where wholesome friendship is,

and leaning towards this.

 If someone would be

mistreating others,


hurting, and lying…

the Buddha says, even if

we don’t do it ourselves,

it is like a snake

going through a pile of dung–

–the stink will get on you

even if you don’t do it yourself.


This is quite the simile…

(a snake going through the dung),



this is what he compared it with,


even if you don’t do

these actions yourself,

if you associate with such people

that do these things,

even if you don’t do it yourself–

this is the reputation you get.


This is not going to help you,

not going to help anyone

on their own path

to more happiness,

in helping others.


Virtue, helping and generosity

are for our own happiness

and for others,

because these things

are not separate.


We learn to move away

from unwise friendship,

and by doing so,

they get a very precious reflection

on what we are willing to live with

and what we consider wisdom.


Choosing goodness,

good actions,

good livelihood,

good speech,

respectful behaviour–

it is, in fact, “voting”.


Even if we think

it doesn’t have a big impact,

this is how it begins.


Then others get see

that we are able to stand

for what we believe

and see is good.


From our own wisdom

and knowledge,

holding the virtues,

for example,

not killing,

not stealing,

not lying,

is a good thing to do,

and it is helpful.



 it is good to stand strong

and firm in these things,

not to be shaken off

all the time.


Wise friendship will help us

fortify virtue,

fortify mental development,

get more established and stronger.


By being stronger in the Dhamma

we can help even more.


We can be an even bigger

island for beings.