Ud 8.4 Qualities of Nibbāna 

Thus have I heard,

Once, the Awakened One lived at Sāvatthi

in Jeta’s Grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery.


On that occasion, the Buddha was instructing,

encouraging, inspiring and gladdening the monks

with a discourse on nibbāna.


The monks gave their full attention to what was being spoken

gathering their whole minds

and giving ear to listen to the Dhamma.


Realizing the significance of the moment

the Awakened One exclaimed these heartfelt verses:



For the dependent, there is instability,

For the independent, there is no instability,


When there is no instability, there is calm,

When there is calm, there is no inclining.


When there is no inclining

there is no coming or going.


When there is no coming or going,

there is no passing away and rebirth.


When there is no dying or rebirth

there is neither here

nor there,

nor anything between the two.  [1]


Just this is the end of trouble.”


[1] “Nissitassa calita, anissitassa calita natthi. Calite asati passaddhi, passaddhiyā sati nati na hoti. Natiyā asati āgatigati na hoti. Āgatigatiyā asati cutūpapāto na hoti.Cutūpapāte asati nevidha na hura na ubhayamantarena 

This is a gift of Dhamma

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