Ud 8.2 Nibbāna Hard to See

Thus have I heard,

Once, the Awakened One lived in Sāvatthi’s

Jeta’s Grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery.


On that occasion, the Buddha was instructing,

encouraging, inspiring and gladdening the monks

with a discourse on nibbāna.


The monks gave their full attention to what was being spoken

And gathered their whole minds

and gave ear to listening to Dhamma.


Realizing the significance of the moment

the Awakened One exclaimed these heartfelt verses:


“The uninclined mind is hard to see,

nor is the truth easy to see,

having understood discontent, one knows,

One sees, there is nothing there. (Nibbāna)” [1]


[1] Duddasa anata nāma, na hi sacca sudassana; Paividdhā tahā jānato, Passato natthi kiñcanan”ti



This is a gift of Dhamma

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