Thag 1.16 Belaṭṭhasīsa the Bliss Beyond



“Just as powerful highbred horse

who turns the plow like fire

goes about with little difficulty; [1]


So do I, day and night,

Go about with little difficulty,

Delighting in the bliss which is beyond this world.” [2]



[1] “Yathāpi bhaddo ājañño, naṅgalāvattanī sikhī; Gacchati appakasirena,

[2] evaṁ rattindivā mama; Gacchanti appakasirena, sukhe laddhe nirāmise”ti. This Nirāmise sukhe is the same as the Buddha describes in MN118 Ānāpānāssati Sutta.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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