Iti 3.72 Breaking Free

Nissaraṇiya Sutta


So said the Awakened One,

the Arahant, as I heard it:


“There are three grounds for breaking free monks. [1]


What are they?


(1) The release from the sensory engagement,

is to disengage;


(2) The release from matter,

is the immaterial;


(3) And the release from all that is,

all that is conditioned,

all that arises from a cause;

their release is known through cessation. [2]


These, monks, are the three grounds for breaking free.




This is what the Awakened One said.

Then he explained further:


“Having known the release from the senses,

Having surmounted all forms,

Those who are steadily intent, [3]

reach the stilling of all activities. [4]


Those monks or nuns are ones who see clearly,

and who thereby have broken free,

Accomplished by direct experience,


Those sages truly are unbinded.” [5]


This is what the Awakened One said, as I heard it.


[1] nissaraṇiyā dhātuyo

[2] Kāmānametaṁ nissaraṇaṁ yadidaṁ nekkhammaṁ, rūpānametaṁ nissaraṇaṁ yadidaṁ āruppaṁ, yaṁ kho pana kiñci bhūtaṁ saṅkhataṁ paṭiccasamuppannaṁ nirodho tassa nissaraṇaṁ

[3] “Kāmanissaraṇaṁ ñatvā, rūpānañca atikkamaṁ; Sabbasaṅkhārasamathaṁ phusaṁ ātāpi sabbadā.

[4] Cessation (Nirodha) is here clearly equated to the stilling of all activities (Sabbasaṅkhārasamathaṁ) which is also equated as Nibbāna in the stock formula “Etaṃ santaṃ etaṃ paṇitaṃ yadidaṃ sabbasaṅkhārasamatho, sabbupadhi paṭinissago taṇhakkhayo virago nirodho nibbānaṃ.”

[5] Sa ve sammaddaso bhikkhu, yato tattha vimuccati; Abhiññāvosito santo, sa ve yogātigo munī”ti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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