Iti 1.26 Giving

Dāna Sutta


This was spoken by the Awakened One,

Spoken by the Worthy One as I have heard:


If beings only knew monks,

as I know,

the results of giving and sharing,

they would never eat without sharing,

Nor would they ever allow the stench

of selfish greed to take over

and settle in their minds.[1]


Even if they only had but

a last spoonful,

one last bite,

 they would not eat it

without having shared it first,

if there was someone there to share it with.[2]


But monks,

beings do not know,

as I know,

the results of giving and sharing.


And they eat without sharing first,

and they allow the stench

of selfish greed to take over

and settle in their minds.


This is what the Awakened One said.

Further he explained:


“Beings should bear this well in mind,

As it was praised by the great sages,

How the results of sharing,

Yields abundant fruits.[3]


Ridding oneself of sticky selfish greed,

With a bright and confident mind,

If one should give to the greedless ones,

What is given yields plentiful. [4]


Having given ample food,

Wisely offered to those [who need little

and are devoted to goodness],

When their human lifespan is taken away,

The magnanimous donors pass on, uplifted.[5]


And in that heavenly state,

They enjoy pleasure upon pleasure,

The selfless [giver] experiences over and over,

The [kammic] result of generously sharing.[6]



This is what the Buddha said,

As I have heard it.


[1] “Evañce, bhikkhave, sattā jāneyyuṃ dānasaṃvibhāgassa vipākaṃ  yathāhaṃ jānāmi, na adatvā bhuñjeyyuṃ, na ca nesaṃ maccheramalaṃ cittaṃ pariyādāya tiṭṭheyya.

[2] Yopi nesaṃ assa carimo ālopo carimaṃ kabaḷaṃ, tatopi na asaṃvibhajitvā bhuñjeyyuṃ, sace nesaṃ paṭiggāhakā assu.

[3] “Evañce sattā jāneyyuṃ, yathāvuttaṃ mahesinā; Vipākaṃ saṃvibhāgassa, yathā hoti mahapphalaṃ.

[4] Vineyya maccheramalaṃ, vippasannena cetasā; Dajjuṃ kālena ariyesu, yattha dinnaṃ mahapphalaṃ.

[5] Annañca datvā bahuno, dakkhiṇeyyesudakkhiṇaṃ; Itocutāmanussattā, saggaṃgacchantidāyakā.

[6] Te ca saggagatā tattha, modantikāmakāmino; Vipākaṃsaṃvibhāgassa, anubhontiamaccharā”ti.



This is a gift of Dhamma

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