AN 6.93 Impossible for One Who Sees (2)

Dutiyaabhabbaṭṭhāna Sutta


“Monks, six things are impossible.


What are they?


It is impossible for one who sees [the Dhamma]:


(1) To see anything that arises as permanent,

(2) To see anything that arises as [lasting] happiness,

(3) To see anything that arises as part of their selves,

(4) To perform actions that bear immediate [heavy] consequences,

(5) To revert back to the belief that

purity comes about through

‘auspicious’ ceremonies and blessings,

(6) To look outside [this community] for someone

who would truly make offerings bear great fruits. [1]


Monks, these six things are impossible.


[1] kañci saṅkhāraṁ niccato upagantuṁ, kañci saṅkhāraṁ sukhato upagantuṁ, kañci dhammaṁ attato upagantuṁ; ānantariyaṁ kammaṁ kātuṁ; This, I assume, refers to the next sutta where the Buddha explains that one endowed with wise understanding cannot commit any of the six great crimes. kotūhalamaṅgalena suddhiṁ paccāgantuṁ; Interesting variant of the classic sīlabbatapārāmasa ‘rites and rituals’ as kotūhalamaṅgalena auspicious ceremonies or blessings, which has become quite predominant in certain spheres of Theravāda Buddhism.   ito bahiddhā dakkhiṇeyyaṁ gavesituṁI translate here dakkhiṇeyya in a slightly more elaborate way than the usual ‘worthy of offerings’ to suit a broader audience.




This is a gift of Dhamma

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