AN 6.78 Blissful Ease of Mind

Sukhasomanassa Sutta



Possessing six qualities, 

A monk abounds in blissful ease of mind [1] 

            here and now, 


and is thoroughly undertaking the way 

            to still the mental movements. [2] 


What six?


Here, a monk


(1) Delights in the Dhamma, 

(2) Delights in [mental] development, [3] 

(3) Delights in abandoning, [4] 

(4) Delights in solitude, [5] 

(5) Delights in non-hatred, [6]

(6) And delights in non-proliferation. [7]


Possessing these six qualities,

one abounds in blissful ease of mind here and now,

and is thoroughly undertaking the way 

to still the mental movements.



[1] Sukhasomanassa

[2] Yoni cassa āraddhā hoti āsavānaṃ khayāya. Mental Influences, currents, distractions, weaknesses of the mind.

[3] Bhāvanārāmo hoti: Mental Development, i.e. Meditation, release. From AN II 31 Samatho-Vipassanā Sutta:

“What is the purpose of undertaking the development of Tranquility? The mind comes to be developed.

What is the purpose of developing the mind? One’s craving comes to be abandoned.”

[4] Pahānārāmo hoti: Abandoning tension. Delights in the bliss of relief that springs up from releasing craving.

[5] Pavivekārāmo hoti.

[6] Abyāpajjhārāmo hoti: Loving-Kindness

[7] Nippapañcārāmo hoti: Still and collected mind



This is a gift of Dhamma

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