AN 4.146 The Four Times (1)

Paṭhamakāla Sutta


“There are four times, monks.


What are they?


There is

(1) The right time for listening to the Dhamma,

(2) The right time for discussing the Dhamma,

(3) The right time for tranquility,

(4) The right time for discernment. [1]


These are the four times, monks.”



[1] Kālena dhammassavanaṁ, kālena dhammasākacchā, kālena sammasanā, kālena vipassanā—  Variant: kālena sammasanā → kālena samatho (bj, cck, sya2ed, km, pts1ed); kāle samatho (sya1ed)

This is a gift of Dhamma

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