Retreat Registration

For Retreats Organized by the HeartDhamma Community

Retreats by Donation. Bhante Ānanda’s retreats hosted by the HeartDhamma Community are offered by the generosity of students who benefited from the practice on previous retreats. The Dhamma is priceless, it cannot be purchased. Retreats are only made possible by donations and generosity. Thank you for considering to support the retreats. 🙂

On retreat, meditators are expected to follow instructions precisely and practice sitting meditation for a minimum of 7 hours everyday, without any other activities than meditation, as taught by the teacher.


Please book a retreat only if you are certain to fulfill these conditions and are certain to attend.  Those who fall short of these criteria will be asked to leave. This is not a free vacation. Please respect the donations of those who have truly benefited in the past and practice wholeheartedly!