Loving-Kindness Meditation Retreat

Loving-Kindness Meditation Retreat
This retreat offers the valuable experience of being completely immersed in meditation. It is an opportunity to take a step back and learn what really matters in life. You will deepen your meditation practice, learn about compassion and focus on Loving Kindness.

The retreat will be held in a house overlooking the Kootenay River, located 15 min from Nelson, BC off of Hwy 3A. There is a beautiful covered deck, 3 bedrooms and 4 beds.

The food will be vegan/vegetarian and all dietary restrictions will be considered. Guests may assist in preparation of the food.

The daily schedule will be as follows:

6:00 am – Meditation
8:00 am – Breakfast
9:00 am – Interview (with Bhante)
10:00 am – Meditation
11:00 am – Lunch
12:00 pm – Rest/Walking Meditation
1:00 pm – Meditation
7:00 pm – Dhamma Talk
8:00 pm – Meditation
10:00 pm – Sleep.

The Dhamma (The Buddha’s Teaching) is free for everyone at all times. Monks cannot accept or handle money and they teach for free. Bhante’s teachings are always free.

But there are costs involved with renting a space and food which cannot be lifted (Unless unexpected donations are made) since the community is still young and we are unable to completely offer the event for free and only rely on the innate generosity of people and donations for now.

Funds would be needed to book the retreat. The calculated cost per person would be $400 (For seven days, meals included, no food will be provided after noon for optimal meditation experience).

We would like to invite those who might be interested in joining us, to take a step forward in practicing their generosity and to donate (the rental and food price) in advance. 🙂

Hopefully soon, the community will grow and we will be able to offer entire retreats up to mediators generosity as it usually should be.

All meditation and Dhamma Talks will be led by Bhante Ānanda, a Buddhist Monk.
To learn more about Bhante and his teachings, visit the following website: www.heartdhamma.love

Wise words from Bhante:

Mettābhāvanā, in pāli, literally means “the cultivation of Loving-Kindness.” Bhāvanā, is also often translated as “meditation.”
Meditation, literally is “Wholesome mental development.” To develop or to train our minds in wholesome states. To generate them, bring them to growth, maturity, increase and fulfillment.

Naturally, by developing these wholesome states, the mind becomes still, collected and happy. It is content, not looking outwards anymore. There is no need to force anything, in fact, it is when we let go that we can fully grasp the depth of the Buddha’s teaching.

Precautions for COVID-19 will be taken, including use of hand sanitizer, 2 meter distancing, non-attendance if sick, etc.

If you have questions or are interested please comment below and someone will reach out to you. Only 2 spots are left. 🙏💗