Whenever there is seeking wholesome states,
and discarding unwholesome ones,
and completely understanding mental states,
as they arise,
with discernment,
       and enthusiastically,

‘Enthusiastically’ I take from Bhante Vimalaramsi’s own version.


Enthusiasm of “viriya”
I also call that ‘determination’;
‘in a determined way’,
with ‘devotion’.


At that time,
the support of awakening of ‘determination’,
or ‘viriya’
or ‘energy’,
becomes manifest.


And this is another part that is misinterpreted a lot, the word ‘energy’,
This is Wise Effort,
wise energy.


So it is not like ‘going all in’,
and really trying hard [pushing, forcing]… that is not the energy we are talking about.


In the suttas, the Buddha breaks it down,
and explains what he means by ‘viriya’.


And he says basically, ‘energy’ is Right Effort.


It is Right Effort done continuously.

That’s what he means by ‘viriya’.
So, ‘determination’.

It becomes manifest,
it is being developed,
and it gradually matures by development.


With this ‘inspired’ practice,
or this ‘devoted’, continual practice,
spiritual joy arises.