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The Release From Perceptual Awareness Excerpt: DN 2 Potthapāda The Release from Awareness   [The Buddha]   ‘Up to here […]

The Experience of Nibbāna

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And Samādhi, becomes so sharp,

collectedness of mind becomes so sharp,

steadiness so sharp and so present,

awareness starts to dissolve,

it breaks down here.

Anthems to Solitude

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[Theragatha 1.13] The color of blue-dark clouds,   glistening, cooled with the waters of clear-flowing streams covered with ladybugs:   […]

The Four Qualities of Release

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Reading: “Here monks,  (1) One develops the awakening support of awareness,  filled with Love; Supported by letting go, Calming down,  […]

Nirodha as ‘Unobstructed’

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And Nirodha. Nirodha is… Sometimes I have translated it as release… But that does not always carry the whole of […]