2024 – Mahabodhi, Bangalore, India

February 19th to 29th, 2024​
10-Day Natural Samādhi Retreat​
Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna​
With Bhante Ānanda​
Mahabodhi Meditation Center​, Bangaluru

2023 – Blue Mountains, Australia

November 4th to 12th, 2023 9-Day Natural Samādhi Retreat Boundless Love Meditation to Nibbāna With Bhante Ānanda & Ven. Mettānanda […]


After an international teaching tour counting more than 8 meditation retreats in 2023, we have gathered the best footage of the year and combined it to the meditator’s experience which were taken at the end of the Buddha Pāda retreat in Kalimpong (India) in February. On this 40 min journey, listeners will be transported to the foothills of the Himalayas in Kalimpong, where meditators share their retreat experience, highlights, and the things which they are taking home to their day-to-day lives. 😇❤️☀️

Easing Awake: Doug Kraft

Tenderness, the Broken Heart, and Spaciousness A Guided Discussion Doug Kraft, one of Bhante Ānanda’s most respected teacher is leading […]

Joy in the Buddha’s Teaching

Over the course of the past few years, many Dhamma discourses that delve on the importance of Joy in the Buddha’s Teaching have come our way. We since then have curated a playlist of the best Dhamma talks on the topic.