Bhāvanā - The Buddha's Path to Awakening and Wholesome Mental Development by Bhante Ānanda


The Buddha’s Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Here is a simple guide for seekers. Based on the direct discourses of the Buddha himself, which goes to the heart. Here, one will find the core Teachings from:

The DN 2 Sāmaññaphala Sutta; Discourse on the Truth-Seeking Life; The Buddha’s famous and most essential exposition of the Gradual Training.

The MN 118 Ānāpānasati Sutta; Discourse on [Cultivating] Awareness with the Breath; The original meditation instructions on Breathing with Awareness. 

The SN IV 42.8 Saṅkhadhama Sutta; Discourse of the Conch Blower; The original meditation instructions on Boundless Love

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Bhante Ānanda

Nameless Publications

First Edition


July 2020

ISBN: 978-1-7777821-2-2

ebook: 978-1-7777821-3-9

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