SN 45.28 Supports and Requisites for Meditation

Samādhi Sutta


Once, in Sāvatthi.

Ariyan, is this wise meditation[1] that I will teach you, monks,

With its supports and requirements.


Hear this.


And what is this Ariyan wise meditation monks,

with its supports and requirements?[2]


It is,

Wise Understanding

Wise Attitude

Wise Speech

Wise Action

Wise Living

Wise Undertaking

Wise Presence



This tranquility of the mind,

Supported by these seven components;

That, is called Ariyan wise meditation,

With its supports and requirements.



[1] Ariyaṃ vo, bhikkhave, sammāsamādhiṃ…

[2] Ariyo sammāsamādhi saupaniso saparikkhāro



This is a gift of Dhamma

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