AN 5.29 Walking Meditation

Caṅkama Sutta



There are five benefits of walking [meditation]. [1]


What five?


(1) One can patiently bear up with long travels,

(2) One can patiently strive [in meditation],

(3) One is healthy,

(4) What one has eaten and consumed is properly digested,

(5) The samādhi attained while walking stands for a long time. [2]



These are the five benefits of walking meditation monks.



[1] “Pañcime, bhikkhave, caṅkame ānisaṃsā.

[2] Addhānakkhamo hoti, padhānakkhamo hoti, appābādho hoti, asitaṃ pītaṃ khāyitaṃ sāyitaṃ sammā pariṇāmaṃ gacchati, caṅkamādhigato samādhi ciraṭṭhitiko hoti.



This is a gift of Dhamma

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