AN 5.159 Udayī Teaching the Dhamma

Udāyī Sutta


Thus I have heard—

At one time, the Awakened One was staying in Kosambi, 

in a well renowned ashram.[1]


At that time, the venerable Udāyī

Was sitting, teaching Dhamma,

 surrounded by a large company 

of home practitioners, [2]


The Venerable Ānanda saw him.

and approached the Awakened One,

paid loving homage, 

sat down in front of him and asked:


‘Bhante, the Venerable Udāyī is sitting, 

teaching Dhamma, 

surrounded by a large company 

of home practitioners, 


[The Buddha replied:]

“It is not easy Ānanda 

to teach the Dhamma to others.”[3]


One who teaches Dhamma to others,

should only teach, 

attending to five guidelines for oneself.[4]


What five?


One should teach Dhamma to others [thinking:]



(1) I will give a gradual talk.

(2) I will give a talk my means of comparisons.

(3) I will deliver a talk rooted in compassion.

(4) I will give a talk with no personal gain in mind.

(5) I will give a talk without hurting myself nor others. [5]


It is not easy to teach Dhamma to others Ānanda.


One who teaches Dhamma to others,

should only teach, 

attending to these five guidelines for oneself.



[1] ghositārāme

[2] mahatiyā gihiparisāya parivuto dhammaṃ desento nisinno hoti.

[3] “Na kho, ānanda, sukaraṃ paresaṃ dhammaṃ desetuṃ.

[4] Paresaṃ, ānanda, dhammaṃ desentena pañca dhamme ajjhattaṃ upaṭṭhāpetvā paresaṃ dhammo desetabbo.

[5] ‘Anupubbiṃ kathaṃ kathessāmī, attānañca parañca anupahacca kathaṃ kathessāmī, pariyāyadassāvī kathaṃ kathessāmī, anuddayataṃ paṭicca kathaṃ kathessāmī, na āmisantaro kathaṃ kathessāmī



This is a gift of Dhamma

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