AN 4.223 Ingratitude

Akataññutā Sutta


“Possessing four things,

One who is foolish, immature, not a person of Good,

Keeps himself severed and uprooted [from the Dhamma] 

He is blameworthy, and blamable,

And he generates much demerit:


What four?


(1) Physical misconduct,

(2) Verbal misconduct,

(3) Mental misconduct,

(4) Ingratitude, non-appreciation.





“Possessing four things,

One who is wise, mature, a person of Good,

Keeps himself connected and firmly planted, [in the Dhamma]

He is blameless and unblameable,

He generates much goodness:


What four?


(1) Physical good conduct,

(2) Verbal good conduct,

(3) Mental good conduct,

(4) Gratitude and appreciation.





This is a gift of Dhamma

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