Thag 2.11 Mahācunda – Joy and Understanding 

By being eager to hear,

learning grows,

and this learning nurtures wisdom .

From this wisdom,

one knows what is truly meaningful,

and to know what is truly meaningful

comes with happiness. [1]


Be devoted to remote dwellings

There, be devoted to breaking all fetters,

And if you do not find delight there,

Live among the saṅgha,

self-protected by presence of mind. [2]

[1] Sussūsā sutavaddhanī, sutaṁ paññāya vaddhanaṁ; Paññāya atthaṁ jānāti, ñāto attho sukhāvaho. 

[2] Sevetha pantāni senāsanāni, Careyya saṁyojanavippamokkhaṁ; Sace ratiṁ nādhigaccheyya tattha, Saṅghe vase rakkhitatto satimā”ti.  


This is a gift of Dhamma

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