Retreat Feedback

Thank you for joining and participating in this retreat. In the optic of improving our overall retreat experience, to the best of our ability, we welcome constructive feedback. We have a few questions for this purpose. Your insights will hopefully help us offer our future retreats in an increasingly harmonious way. We will receive it as your offering to us. Thank you!

Which retreat is this feedback for?

We also welcome positive and strengthening feedback!


Positive feedback is a great way to shift our personal perspective out of negative ruts and to arouse gratitude!


Remembering that this was brought to all participants by the generosity and selfless work of so many people, mainly old students who benefited from the practice in the past.


The highest contribution goes beyond words and is about meeting our wishes by our actions!


We can use all the help available to make these retreats freely accessible to all, this is no small mission. Please reach out to us if you would like to help us on this beautiful journey. There are countless ways to help!


All of our mettā 🙂